ZizZazz Energy Drinks – Vitamins – Pre Workout Fitness Formula

Stick Packs: The future of energy drinks and other ready to drink products

ZizZazz is a leader in the vitamin and energy powder mix sectors of the global stick pack industry. ZizZazZ has many new and innovative products to choose from. The flagship product, ZizZazZ Explosive Energy Mix, comes in four great tasting fruit flavors and is a low calorie, vitamin fortified energy powder which can be eaten straight from the stick like candy or mixed with water to make a great tasting energy drink. As ZizZazZ Explosive Energy Mix has less than one gram of sugar, there is no crash that is associated with typical energy drinks.

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Other ZizZazZ innovative powder mix products include new the ZizZazZ Extreme Fitness Formula, for sports and fitness enthusiasts which contains essential ingredients for a great workout, a children’s mix, called Kidz Zazz, which is a vitamin version that comes in five flavors that children love and contains the daily requirement of vitamins for children.  ZizZazZ energy drink and all powder products include superior ingredients, come in stick packs and are great tasting, healthy and above all convenient.