The New Face of Energy Drinks, Workout Formulas and Vitamins

Zizzazz line of products include sports drinks, energy drinks, vitamins, pre-workout formula, and recover drinks


Zizzazz is a brand name line of Energy Drinks, Sports Drinks and Vitamins all in powder format.   Look for this great powder mixes in supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores all over the country.

The unique package called Stix are consumable straight from the stix or are easily mixed with your favorite cold beverage to make a great tasting energy drink. Energy drinks made from powder are not carbonated, which makes them easier to drink and better for the body. ZizZazZ is loaded with essential B Vitamins, Green Tea, Rhodiola and Ginseng. These ingredients provide healthy, consistent energy, awareness, concentration and hydration. As ZizZazZ includes only 1g of sugar in its ingredients, there is no crash associated with sugar products once the sugar is absorbed and metabolized. ZizZazZ is currently looking for eager and aggressive distributors and retailers, large and small, who wish to carry our new, exciting, innovative and profitable product.

Zizzazz Energy Drinks and mixes are available in many retailers…

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